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If you’ve looked into medical cannabis, then you know just how much information is out there. And yet, it’s hard to find a straight answer on exactly how to use and purchase medical cannabis for specific patient needs. This might leave you feeling confused, or overwhelmed. You may even associate a stigma with the use of medical cannabis, a mindset that is holding you back in terms of pursuing what could be a powerful treatment option.
Jeri Schulz, MSN, RN, is the founder and CEO of Dose. Her interest in alternative therapies and personal experiences led her to pursuing specialized knowledge in all things medical cannabis. Jeri’s expertise includes managing cardiovascular services, intensive care units, four Chicago area inpatient hospice providers, critical care and telemetry units. Her passion is sharing that knowledge with others. Combined with her background in top-notch patient care, Jeri’s expertise makes her the perfect guide for your medical cannabis journey.
Enter Dose. Founded by a healthcare professional, Dose’s mission is to shatter the stigma surrounding medical cannabis and make cannabis education accessible to all.

Jeri Schulz, MSN, RN

Dose Founder

Jeri saw a need within the culture of medical cannabis users: they needed more guidance than the doctor or the dispensary could offer about their medical cannabis recommendation, but didn’t have a clear place to get that help. She founded Dose so that she could act as a hands-on resource for medical cannabis users, making sure they feel empowered and supported every step of the way.
Jeri has taught hundreds of nursing students the clinical skills they need to take care of their patients with kindness, compassion, and skill. She has served on the nursing faculty of several Chicago-area colleges and universities, and takes pride in sharing her dedication to the highest patient-care standards.
A registered nurse in Ohio and Illinois, Jeri has collaborated with some of the most respected minds and institutions in medical cannabis, including the American Cannabis Nurses Association and the Society of Cannabis Clinicians.

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