Cannabis and the Workplace

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Cannabis and the Workplace

The recent Labor Day weekend got us thinking about workers’ rights as they apply to cannabis and its use in the workplace.

For the most part, as long as employees follow certain guidelines — not bringing their medical cannabis to work, not working in a job where impairment may result in serious harm to others and not working in a federally related job, employers can’t take medical cannabis use or positive drug test results into consideration when making hiring and firing decisions.

While employees using medical cannabis have mounted legal challenges, many state statutes side with employers. Cannabis is still illegal according to federal law, which classifies it as a Schedule I drug with no accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.

Federal law supersedes state law.
The legal-and-compliance/state-and-local-updates/pages/state-disability-laws-medical-marijuana.
Most states will not pay worker compensation to an employee who was under the influence at the time of an accident.
Most state health insurance programs will not pay for medical cannabis.

As of now, Nevada is the only state that has medical cannabis accommodation for workers who use medical cannabis. Nevada also passed in 2019, a bill which protects recreational users. A handful of other states — Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, DC, Illinois, Maine, Minnesota, New York, Nevada, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island have some kind of statutory language requiring employers to not refuse employment or otherwise discriminate against qualifying medical cannabis patients.
States generally exempt employers who are required to follow federal drug-testing mandates, and may have other exemptions

Cannabis and Your Responsibility At Work​

Operating machinery requires skill, focus, and quick response time. THC in cannabis affects depth perception, reaction time, coordination and other motor skills, and it creates sensory distortion which can be hazardous for the employee and co-workers.

Accurate Dosing is Key
According to a study reported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, employees who tested positive for cannabis had 55% more industrial accidents, 85% more injuries and 75% greater absenteeism compared to those who tested negative. We must learn how to use cannabis medicine safely and responsibly to avoid becoming a statistic.

At Dose, we believe that with the right medical guidance, employees who take medical cannabis can still function safely and effectively at work. This requires the right combination of THC:CBD and the correct dose to alleviate symptoms without impairing production. cannabis nurses have the expert knowledge and guidance to help patients achieve just that.

We offera free education consultation so it’s easy to learn if the certified cannabis nurses at Dose can help you. We have consultation packages to suit your individual needs and offer a veteran’s discount on services with appropriate documentation.

We’re all about keeping you safe while helping you function without impairment

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