A Resolution for Health. Yes, again!

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A Resolution for Health. Yes, again!

It’s that time of year when our thoughts turn to fresh starts. 

So once more, we make resolutions — usually to make changes in our lives for the better and get serious about improving our health.  

You know what you need to do in general. Eat less meat and add more plant- based foods to your diet, get more exercise on a regular basis, implement stress reducing activities like meditation, yoga, deep breathing, and relaxation. 

Great! Now what? 

That’s the part we stumble on — the “now what!” How to implement what we know is best for us to be healthy. 

You Need A Holistic Approach

Getting healthy needs to be a holistic approach  that encompasses more than taking a pill.  

That’s where things like a healthy diet, especially one that’s organic and primarily plant-based, comes into play — along with exercise to keep our muscles, joints, and bones strong and healthy and relaxation activities like mediation, yoga, and mindfulness to reduce stress. All of this releases a whole host of chemical reactions in our body, helping us get back to calm, normal function. 

Over time, you will feel better when you put these changes into practice. The results are subtle and take a while, but they’re cumulative, and if you’re able to stick to it, you will find that you’re better for these healthy choices you make every day. 

Start With A Roadmap

At the beginning, it helps to write down how you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally. You can use a pain scale, energy level measure, a weight scale and/or a tape measure.  

Write down how you’re feeling, where it hurts and how much, and what your physical measurements are (you can do this!). You didn’t get unhealthy overnight so don’t expect to get healthy overnight. You are doing this for you. No one else can do it for you. 

Every couple of weeks, reevaluate your physical, mental, and emotional health and compare it to where you started. It is slow for everyone in the beginning. Be kind to yourself, and keep making good choices. You know what they are.

Too Much Medication​​

When you look at your medicine cabinet, what do you see? Would you benefit from taking less pharmaceuticals and more plant-based medicine? So many people are discovering that the answer to this question is an overwhelming YES! 

That leads us back to the earlier question: “Now what?”

Where do you start? How do you find the medical information you need to make the right choices? Who can you trust?

While there are some very smart physicians with a solid, in-depth knowledge about cannabis (if you know where to look), very few physicians know anything about medical cannabis and not every cannabis physician knows how to incorporate cannabis into your medical regime.

Moreover, many cannabis physicians are simply taking your money, handing you a card and leaving you to your own devices to figure out what to do next. This can take time and get expensive as you look for products through trial and error.

So, where do you find the right healthcare provider to help you? ​

https://dose.net/getting-your-medical-cannabis-dose-right/If you’re lucky enough to have been evaluated by a knowledgeable cannabis physician, then you’re among a select few medical cannabis patients that have good support.

Otherwise, you’re pretty much on your own.

Going to the dispensary for the first time is unlike any shopping experience you’ve ever had. It can be strange and intimidating.

You’re bombarded by hundreds of products in dozens of forms of cannabis with strange names and unknown ingredients. There are THC percentages as well as CBD and terpenes to consider in different combinations. And what in the world is butter, shatter, and bubble hash?

Finding the right combination of cannabinoids to best benefit your unique and individual needs takes time and guidance. Do you want to trust your health to a sales clerk with no medical training? Probably not.

To do this on your own, even with extensive self education, can be daunting, not to mention expensive as you experiment to find the right medicine to meet your goals.

And now you know why I started DOSE. To offer personalized medical cannabis consulting for people seeking relief and tired of not finding what they need.

With DOSE, you meet (virtually) with a real RN who can understand your complete medical history. Your conditions, abilities, medical history and preferences are all taken into account in designing a plan for your personal medical cannabis use.

Sounds a lot easier than trying to do it on your own, right?

Learn more about getting your medical cannabis dose right.

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