Getting your medical cannabis dose right


Getting your medical cannabis dose right

Autumn is a time when our light summertime mood may wane or become melancholy. We lose sunlight and feel more drained by the colder temperatures and darker days. We also become less active and more sedentary.

Keeping our mind and body in balance is important in helping us survive the winter. This is the time to support your endocannabinoid system and all of its critical functions that keep your systems strong.

With the change of seasons, as your body acclimates to cooler weather and shorter days, you may find that you need to adjust your medical cannabis dose. 

Yes, Seasons Can Affect Your Mood.​

Autumn can be a very emotional time of year, filled with memories, many of them associated with school, routines, that last great camping trip or day out in nature. All along the way there are sights and smells and sounds that remind us of what we might have experienced in the past. Autumn is a time to prepare — for winter, for the holidays, for next year.

A friend of mine told me how October can be a difficult adjustment for him.“I was in San Diego and went home to Seattle for a visit, when my mood dropped and it felt like I had no energy to do anything,” he shared.“It was supposed to be a happy time with my family and celebrations. Instead Iwas staying in bed until the late afternoon. But this morning was bright and sunny. And on the way to work, I thought this is such a beautiful day and my mood is lighter,” he says.


smaller stones balanced on each side of a larger stone My friend’s response was not unusual. The lack of light is thought to affect the part of the brain that rules sleep and energy levels. This is referred to as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Yes, it’s a real thing!

September and October can be a difficult time as school starts and workplaces get busier. Compounding this, the weather worsens, days get shorter, and holidays are looming — which bring their own set of emotional hurdles for so many people.

Adjusting your cannabis dose is necessary for almost everyone during this transitional season. And it may not be as simple as increasing your dose. You may need to adjust your CBD/THC ratios or supplement dosing with longer or shorter acting methods of ingestion to help you maintain balance.

Certified Cannabis Nurses

That’s where Dose certified cannabis nurses can help. A guiding hand by a knowledgeable clinician is important to optimize the benefits of cannabis while understanding the medicine.

This is how Dose can help you eliminate stress and maintain equilibrium. So you can enjoy the change of season — and the holidays — with a positive attitude.

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